The Adonis Plan

Do you want a body that is sexy, ripped, and enticing to women? Would you like your abs tofightclub look less like Homer Simpson and more like Brad Pitt in Fight Club? Here is some advice that should be extremely valuable, even if you have not yet stepped into a gym. These tips are basic and they are nothing magical. But if you are willing to make some lifestyle changes then maybe they will help you get started.

I’d like to start by sharing some of the things I’ve learned regarding the physical characteristics that women find irresistible. The ladies actually aren’t into guys who have huge, massive muscles. Most of them, in fact, are just not into the giant, bloated look of today’s bodybuilders. Maybe that is a relief because being attractive to them will not require you to put on 100 lb. of muscle or have huge arms with veins like water hoses.

But a moderate amount of muscle is scientifically proven to be enticing to females. There are very specific ratios in terms of body measurements that drive some kind of primal attraction with women. Your shoulder to waist ratio should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.6. This means having shoulders that are wider than your waist (this makes sense–who wants a guy with a huge belly?).

Getting more attractive body proportions takes time, and you may never get what some would consider a perfect body. But you can lower your body fat level, increase the size of your muscles, and turn into a much more attractive and confident version of yourself.

One of the first things you’ll need to do if you want to make this change is start doing resistance training. Working out with weights is probably the single most important type of exercise you can do to make the changes needed to get those broad shoulders and flat stomach.

You can also start walking on a treadmill or using a stair climber. This can be done on the days you don’t lift weights or it can even be done after your resistance training sessions. Either way it is a helpful addition to your overall training regimen. It improves your cardiovascular health and it also burns additional calories.

adonis-golden-ratio-system-review-fastest-way-toThose are some basics about exercise, but you may want to check out something like the Adonis Program if you need a more complete guide.

But your plan will never be complete without going on a diet. Some say it is better to call it an “eating plan” or to call it a “lifestyle change,” but the semantics don’t really matter. You have to increase your consumption of lean protein and decrease the number of calories you eat if you really want to drop the fat. Think about this: it only takes one donut or one sweet coffee drink to completely mess up your diet for a day. You’ll never be able to exercise enough to overcome a terrible eating plan. Here’s the reality–it’s always a lot easier to consume calories than it is to burn them.